The faculty at Defence Careers Academy International School broaden the learning experience of every student. They play the role of the facilitator and mentor. Beyond academics, the teachers are involved in various extra and co-curricular activities that are included into the daily routine of the students. Be it on the sports field, the sphere of publications, quizzes or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the students.

Outings with teachers during inter house competitions, picnics and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between students and teachers.

Appropriate educational qualifications, relevant experience, and a rigorous interview process are the selection criteria for ours staff body. Teacher training programmes are organized on campus and staff members also sent to attend and gain from various external workshops to ensure that the faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of education. The school is committed to increasing its teacher development programmes, both academic and non-academic.

At the Defence Careers Academy International School, we value our most invaluable resource - our teachers. They, in turn, not only devise and execute the curriculum, but also generate a passion for learning amongst our students.

Sl. No. Name Father Name DOB Qualification Designation Experience
1 Karamjeet Kaur Shivraj Singh 05/15/1981 MCA, B.Ed Principal 10
2 Abin R. Radhakrishna Pillai K. 02/09/1990 BCA, D.Ed PRTs 3
3 Vengadasamy P. Ponraj 03/06/1978 M.Sc., Mphill, B.Ed. TGTs 20
4 Vinay Kumar Ram Achal 10/16/1994 B.A., BPed PTI 2
5 Sanjay C.K. Sudeer Babu C.K./td> 07/07/1992 MSC, Psychology Wellness Teacher Counsellor 2
6 Maxwell J. Bastian Joseph Bastian 10/10/1975 MSC, CFT Special Educator 10
7 Sarojini M.C. V. Chamu 09/21/1974 B.Com, DCA Other -
8 Roshan Lal Sarjeet Singh 12/03/1998 B.A. B.L.I. Sc Librarian -
9 Neha Agarwal Sanjay Agarwal 02/08/1996 B.A., NTT NTTs 3
10 Pankaj Garg Jagdish Prasad Garg 08/13/1991 B.Tech, B.Ed TGTs 5
11 Daljeet Kour Ajeet Singh 05/15/1995 B.A., NTT NTTs 2
12 Sunita Yadav Aswini Kumar 09/12/1984 B.A., D.Ed PRTs 7
13 Mamta Dhaliya Damodar Dhaliya 08/06/1993 B.A., D.Ed PRTs 3
14 Aarti Gupta Hari Prasad Gupta 09/01/1976 B.A., B.Ed TGTs 10
15 Manju Kanwar Mool Singh 08/06/1975 B.A., D.Ed. PRTs 11
16 Neetu Choudhary Keshar Ram 01/21/1993 M.Com, B.Ed TGTs 3
17 Sonu Bhagirah Singh 05/08/1996 B.Sc., B.Ed TGTs 3
18 Vanita R. Karthikayan 01/21/1990 B.Sc., B.Ed TGTs 7
19 Deepika Bhati Ravindra Singh 11/15/1976 M.A., B.Ed TGTs 20


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