All round learning environment and facilities – To promote multi-media teaching and learning through information and communication technology (ICT), an extensive school-wide network has been installed to match the growing needs of the school, including wireless access and an intranet for collaborative learning and communication within the school community. Computer laboratories have been set up for students and teachers in the school. Other facilities for student’s learning include our spacious library for reference and research, auditorium for songs and musical performances + drama classes and performance + art and craft exhibitions, yoga studio, canteen.


Secure environment for girl child’s education – The education of a girl child admitted in the school is taken very seriously. The girls are not only treated at-par with boys of the school, but also all the necessary checks and vigilance mechanism has been erected or installed at all the critical spots of the school premises, so that no unforeseen and uncalled happenings take place with them. The measures undertaken to mitigate the undesirable risks includes –

CCTV cameras of latest technology connected with the advanced computer systems, with the capacity to record and store the videos in the main memory of computers, have been installed at such critical and vital places. All the actions of the students, teaching staff and employees are carefully monitored by the principle and the director of the school.

Uninformed and thorough checking of various students, their uniforms and school bags are conducted in the watchfulness and strict observation of director himself, at periodical intervals to maintain the order, decorum and discipline in the school.

Systematic roundup of the premises and follow up of bus drivers, peons, employees as well as teachers are conducted in the presence of principle and the director himself.

Identity cards are issued to each student and to their respective parents specifying their respective introduction and other necessary details (such as name, class, parent’s name, address). The Identity Cards also mentions the AADHAR card number of the student, the transportation details of the students (such as, bus or tempo number, driver’s name, driver’s phone number, etc.).

In-short, adequate measures and precautionary steps are undertaken to ensure the discipline and the safety of not only of girl child but of boy child as well.

DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL aims to be the best school in not only in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh but also at national level. DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is only place where you can boost your dreams as it provides the necessary and fundamental skills to not only crack every competitive exam but for clearing the very important examination of life. At DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we are committed to providing you the best in the arena whether it is the classroom atmosphere, the quality of lectures, the study material, the test series or the guidance and information.


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