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The prime goal of the director of DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Shree Satnam Singh Sandhu, and the institution, is to impart a quality education to its students with utmost care and affection in a “humble, modest and strict” approach, wherein a student not only excels academically, but also develops a deep sense of responsibility towards his social and national duties. The additional character that the institution seeks to nurture among its pupils is of the service towards the nation, in all weather and circumstances. The aforesaid director, who himself being a retired military personnel, seek to pass this unique trait of service towards the motherland to the future generations.

The Hon’ble Director of the institution, Shree Satnam Singh Sandhu, from the core of his heart is very passionate about imparting the quality education from very beginning of the establishment of the institution. He believes that imparting quality education is of paramount obligation of a teacher for the overall development of a child. As per his proficiency and experience, he is of the opinion that, the education sector, over the past few years has witnessed a mushroomed growth of many profit oriented schools, and terrible educational institutions. These horrifying institutions lack the very fundamental teaching capacity, teaching capabilities and orientation and also sometimes the necessary teaching infrastructure. The prime motive of these educational institutions is to simply make profits at any cost. In such scenario the overall development of the child gets neglected, and they suffer for the rest of their life. DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on the other hand, functions contrary to this principle of making profit of other such likewise educational institutions. DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a place where motto of service precedes the motive of earning profit. The rigorous selection of highly qualified teachers, their training, and classroom student-teacher discipline, timely pursuance curriculum, etc. is ample testimony of this belief and aim. DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL with its dedicated team of highly qualified teachers is continuously producing stars from its galaxy every year and within few years in the educational sector have flourished in generating qualified students.

“सर्वद्रव्येषु विद्यैव द्रव्यमाहुरनुत्तमम्“

-From Hitopadesha

Meaning of the shloka - सब द्रव्यों में विद्यारुपी द्रव्य सर्वोत्तम है


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