The model of promulgating school education of the institution of DEFENCE CAREERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL can be said as the best “military styled training” of school education system, in the entire country. In order to inculcate strong fundamentals of responsibility towards the nation, patriotism, and discipline in the personality alongwith proper civic sense in the character of each student, the military style physical training has been included in the curriculum. Apart from the abovementioned motive, the main purpose of the director is also to cater the needs and requirements of armed forces, and to develop the students in accordance with it, so that they are able to successfully clear the NDA examinations after passing their senior secondary examinations. The infrastructure provided in the school premises for the aforesaid training curriculum includes –

  • Vertical rope
  • Monkey rope
  • Burma Bridge
  • Six feet wall
  • Nine feet ditch
  • Beam training
  • Chin-up exercise
  • Balancing exercise
  • Swimming
  • Horse riding
  • Special coaching classes to develop necessary skills to clear the NDA examinations


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year 2024-25

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